With sheer love for the outdoors, we have embarked on this journey to help all those that intend to discover the magnificent world of nature.



We are passionate about the majestic nature of the world.
Join us and together we will explore breathtaking places in a responsible, educational and sustainable way.



With extreme passion, we raise ecological awareness and promote environmental responsibility through all our activities. We take no shortcuts, and aim to be the best at what we do.



We are facilitators. We connect people with the outdoors by offering surreal, unforgettable experiences and top quality adventure gear, all while teaching environmental sensibility.


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We cater for the passionate souls amongst us that have an instinctive inclination towards nature and wish to learn, experience and grow as individuals.

We are fortunate to have such beautiful oscillating seasons in Pakistan. Spending seven months of the year with the ocean and five months in the mountains, we organize a myriad of bespoke trips as well as some standard ones.

We thoroughly enjoy including educational elements in our trips. We offer our customers the opportunity to learn and thereby enhance their experiences further. We are attentive to each traveller's personal relationship with nature and aim to facilitate this growth as much as possible.

The range of expeditions and trips we host varies annually. Please browse through our previous trips for a better understanding. Note that we are not restricted to these. Below is a rough outline of the types of trips we offer:

  • Alpine
  • Trekking expeditions
Scuba Diving
  • Conservation/recovery diving
  • Exploratory diving
  • Recreational diving

We also offer bespoke trips for corporations to different parts of Pakistan. Contact us for further details.

  • Quality Gear
  • Quality Gear


We take pride in ensuring we are equipping you with the safest, most reliable, and purposeful gear available globally for all your adventurous activities.

We provide the best quality products to enhance your experiences. We believe in highest quality of all-round service and are authorized dealers for some of the top brands in the world, including:

Hollis Bodyglove
Oceanic Akona
Lavacore Genesis
Cressi Sherwood Scuba
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TACTACK is not a conventional company. We are more like a movement. We are revolutionary. That's what makes us different. We want to create win-win situations and create mutual growth for all our partners. We believe strongly that when we help others prosper, we ourselves prosper.

In addition to our core activities, we work on several environmental conservation projects in Pakistan. This allows us to invest in villages and communities for their empowerment, training, education, and general progress in life. And all by including them as much as possible in our activities and by promoting self sufficiency for them. Anybody can volunteer with us for these empowering initiatives!

We empower communities to manage and own many elements that are integral to any adventure tourism here in Pakistan. We wish to see them grow and prosper as they play a very significant role in this.

Our co-founder, Absar, is also Project Coordinator for the Olive Ridley Project.

We are constantly exploring new heights as well as depths in Pakistan and are keen on promoting environmentally sensitive tourism. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there is a huge shortage of an organized, structured approach to tourism and adventure activities. We have therefore taken the initiative to implement methods and techniques based on our vision and dreams for Pakistan and most importantly its people.

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At the end of the day, we work hard, but play harder.

Several times a year, we plan and execute extreme adventure expeditions by way of sponsorship. These aren't your run-of-the-mill quests and are definitely not for the faint of heart. These are serious undertakings taken by daring souls.

We are addicted to pushing limits and constantly progressing further. Our co-founder, Absar, is known to only awaken fully once on the edge. From everything he has ever learnt in life - from his Leukemia experience as a child up until his recent near death experiences as an adult - one thing has never changed: being able to continuously strive against all odds and break down personal barriers.

He instills in us the feeling of gratefulness and audacity for being given such opportunities in life.